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Akhil Sahni's debut single '1368' is about being distant

17-year old Gurgaon-based singer-songwriter Akhil Sahni is now venturing into the field of original compositions after spending a few years experimenting with different styles of music. Since the age of 10, he has been eagerly involved in mastering the piano. He recently dipped his toes into writing and performing with his new debut. His aim with making music is to spread positivity. Among his many influences are Coldplay and Ed Sheeran.

Akhil's first single '1368' was released on February 1, 2021 and is all about a long-distance relationship and missing the other person. Akhil writes "I wish you weren’t so far from me, Just close enough for me to feel like you’re mine." He tells us that this song was something that has been in the works for a long while and he's happy to finally put it out there. He calls it a song to cry to, go to sleep listening to and most importantly, call yours. The album art, while being one of the simplest we've seen yet, is very symbolic for Akhil. He tells us that he wrote the lyrics for this song on a piece of tissue while he was on a train in Boston and put it in his lyric book with a paper clip. Hence, this is perfectly nostalgic with the origin of '1368'. In case you're wondering, the number 1368 is the distance in miles between the 2 people.

Talking about his direction in the future, Akhil says that he wants to make music that does not conform to genres but feels good in general and appeal to the masses. He holds musicians like Lauv and John Mayer in high esteem and hopes to reach their level some day. He also spoke of how he loves Spotify and how it is helping Indie musicians grow organically. Akhil wants to settle in London soon and work out of there.

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