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Akshad Mishra releases 'Crash' with a bang!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Akshad Mishra from Santacruz, Mumbai has had an interesting life growing up. He has had to move from his birth house to another because of family issues. He started his youtube career at 17 with support from his parents. He started his Rapping career in 2019 which helped him write his lifes stories into his music to tell his story. His first stage was in college during his fresher's party, where he was pushed on stage for being the only person who announced himself to be a musician in a sports-loving college. There was a beatboxer named Siddesh and Akshad had to perform to his beat. He went blank but remembered 'Asli hip hop' the famous track of 'Gully boy' and took his phone out and started rapping to that and ended up impressing his whole college.

Akshad released 'Crash' on 13th May 2021. He wrote this song in just 2 hours, it's the fastest and smoothest writing he's done to date. The track took 1 month in the recording process and another to do the video work before it was released properly. It is his personal favorite song from his career because it took a lot of time before it got released on all platforms due to personal issues and the pandemic. He specifically loves the second part of the song which was sampled by 'Purvesh J and he wrote lyrics in a different style to the first verse. It is because of the change in the zone, he calls it his personal favorite.

He is excited because of the response he got in the first week of releasing the track and hopes to make more music that reaches more people. He gives credit to many people for making this single possible, starting with at Chanakya Lok because he recorded the track at his plac. He would also like to thank Purvesh Jadhav, Gaurav Gosavi, Aadesh Salgaonkar, Aryan Chindarkar, Harsh Joil, Faisal Shaikh, Sumit Sharma and Void beats for all the support they have given him in his musical career.

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