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Amir Haider expresses himself in his latest track Lovin' you

A musician since birth, presenting a mix of cultures, Amir Haider wrote his latest track Lovin' you gives you a taste of Eastern and Western music. Amri Haider is a singer-songwriter born and raised in the UK. This has led him to be in touch with a lot of inspirational music from the country.

He has a strong love for his Indian roots and tries to inculcate the eastern style into his music. His latest track is a fusion track where he has used a sitar-style melody in his track using the guitar.

While writing the song, Amir used English, Hindi, and Urdu lyrics to express his feelings. The track is an acoustic love song about that spinning, warm feeling you get about someone like you've known them forever. The easy to sing-along lyrics with a beautiful melody are what make this track stand out.

The song was written in 2 hours but the production of it took a few days. The workload was split between him and his producer Thomas Cepada in the UK and LA. The track was ready by the 8th of April and is out on most major platforms to stream.

The album art of the track was created by Amir himself. If given a chance, he would like to collaborate with A.R. Rahman or Eric Clapton.

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