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An experience for the indie music lover in you: Anxraag JD's latest album 'Broken Melodies'

Born and currently based in Pune, Anurag Jadhav better known by his artist name Anxraag JD is an artist who is heavily inspired by old-school Bollywood music and new-school trap and emo music from the western music world. Having dealt with anxiety for nearly two-and-a-half years and hitting rock bottom, music became his lifeline during the lockdown and he started to pen down the lyrics and tunes that started to float around in his mind. He began his journey on YouTube and Spotify has helped expand his reach and connections further.

His latest album 'Broken Melodies' was released on the 8th of October this year and is a self-made album with the artist creating a fusion of emo-rap, alt-rock, and indie genres that resulted in what he calls indie trap. The album is composed of catchy tracks that are based on the artist's personal experiences. He put the plan for his album in action in November of last year and has been waiting for the right time and right audience to release it and finally did so this October. One of the tracks on the album called 'Yaadein' had been put on pause by the artist for nearly three years and while he knew it would be a fan favorite, the timing just didn't feel right. Seems like it was destined to be a part of Broken Melodies! Released through indie label Manic Records, the artwork for the album was made by Divyansh Khanna who goes by @artisthubhai on Instagram. The artist recorded the tracks at his parents' apartment with his BM 800 mic.

Influenced by the music of MC Stan, J Cole, and Lil Baby, Anurag enjoys making music when he has time to himself or when he's feeling inspired and creative. From being someone who wasn't interested much in music to being defined by his genre and styles, this talented artist has come a long way. We wish him the very best of luck.

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