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An immersive rock and rap ride: Saurav Majumdar's latest EP 'Find A Way'

Starting out as a rock and metal singer and guitarist in 2008-9, Saurav Majumdar is a 31-year-old passionate musician hailing from Kolkata. A full-time employed professional, the artist is a music producer who makes ample time for his art. He picked up the guitar at the age of 16 inspired by Metallica and soon began jamming with his buddies and went on to play the instrument in a band for roughly six years. He experienced a very memorable time on stage, winning several accolades and hearts alike. His interest in electronic music soared in 2018 and the artist has completely immersed himself in music-making and producing ever since.

His latest EP 'Find A Way' was released on the 5th of November this year and is an electronic rock sound experience. The EP consists of three songs with two additional collaborative versions of the song. It can be divided into rock and rap versions, with the vocals for the former done by the artist himself and the vocals for the latter done by South African rapper Rules Man who also co-wrote the lyrics with Saurav. It also features American guitarist Dustin Vandehey on the guitars of the rock version. The idea for this incredible collection of tracks was formulated in 2021 although the majority of the production was pushed to April of this year and the final mixing and mastering were completed in October and recorded a the artist's home studio. Interestingly, Saurav's EP is a result of the artist experimenting with sounds for an Instagram video. The stunning artwork for the EP was made by the artist himself.

"Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have" quoted by Eckhart Tolle, is this artist's mantra. Defining his story as surreal, Saurav is open to the wide range of possibilities that come with the craft and he is open to collaborating with indie artists from the New Artist Spotlight Community. We eagerly look forward to his future projects and wish him continued success in the music industry.

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