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Anand Iyer aka Opsyllate's "Mystery of the Bluebon" Album Takes Listeners on a Musical Journey"

Anand Iyer, also known as Opsyllate (Oscillate), has released his latest album "Mystery of the Bluebon." This psychill album is a blend of different genres of music featuring 7 tracks of increasing tempos and odd Time signatures that showcase a fusion of rock music and Electronica. The album is a representation of Iyer's creative approach to music and his quest for exploring new sounds.

The album includes tracks such as "Ooniversal Truth," which sets the tone for the album with its intricate melodies and dreamy soundscapes. "Hoppity" is a fusion of different elements of rock and electronic music, featuring an upbeat tempo and groovy basslines. "Deep Dub" is a mesmerizing track that showcases Iyer's ability to create a feeling of depth and emotion in his music. The title track "Mystery of the Bluebon" is an exploration of the unknown, featuring a mix of ambient and psychedelic sounds. "Darase Bin Lage" is a fusion of Indian classical and world music, showcasing Iyer's love for his cultural heritage. "Attune to the moon" is a meditative and atmospheric track that evokes a feeling of serenity and tranquility. The album concludes with "Psynapse" a track that brings together different elements of the album and leaves the listener with a sense of completeness.

Speaking about the album, Iyer says, "My inspiration for the album stems from a culmination of my experiences as a composer and an avid psychill listener. It's a form of expression which helps you explore your subconscious and accompany you on your journey to help you relax and unwind." He also adds "As a child, I spent most of my time watching movies trying to understand the art behind making them. This led me to explore further how things are created, and what goes into composing and putting together a piece of art be it a movie or a piece of music. My interest peaked around 15 years ago when I first picked up the guitar. I started to compose my own music along with playing a couple of shows and learning on the field."

Iyer has a background in audio engineering and acoustics, having completed his diploma in Audio Engineering (SAE - Mumbai) and Acoustics (Berklee College of Music). He has also worked as a sound editor and re-recording mix engineer for several notable Feature Films, Documentaries and Orchestras. He has put his technical knowledge and skill to good use in the production of this album, which showcases his understanding of various genres of music and how to blend them seamlessly.

Over the years, Iyer has developed a passion for Indian classical and ambient psychedelic music, which is evident in "Mystery of the Bluebon." This album is a reflection of his diverse influences and experiences as a musician and producer. Fans of psychill and fusion music can expect a unique and engaging listening experience with "Mystery of the Bluebon." Iyer's creative approach to blending different genres and his background in audio engineering make for a truly captivating and immersive album. The album is now available for streaming on all major platforms, and fans of experimental and fusion music are encouraged to give it a listen.

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