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Aneesha's rise to success as a vocalist and music producer with 'Just Want You'

Just Want You, the new single from vocalist and music producer Aneesha, is a melodic masterpiece that takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of relationships and societal norms. Written and composed by Aneesha, the song is produced by Aneesha, Utkarsh Verma and Denis Thomas. With a sensual soundscape and Aneesha's phenomenally soothing vocals, Just Want You is a singable and danceable piece of music that is sure to capture your attention.

Aneesha, who is a former child psychologist turned vocalist and music producer, wrote the song two years ago, inspired by a close friend's brewing relationship. Her own ambivalence regarding the topics of relationships and societal norms urged her to write the piece from a female perspective. Aneesha's inspiration for the song comes from Pop/RnB female artists such as Banks, Dua Lipa, Tinashe, Fletcher and more.

Aneesha has performed in multiple premiere live music venues across Delhi, Goa, and around India for weddings, corporate and private events, as well as pub gigs. She has written an EP and multiple singles and has seen quick success as an independent artist. She has been featured on music magazines and blogs like Rolling Stone India, Rock Street Journal, Indian Music Diaries and more. Furthermore, she has been playlisted by Apple Music, Spotify India, Amazon music and YouTube music India on a range of their playlists.

Aneesha's versatility as an artist is also reflected in her recent dive into indie dance and disco music with collaborator Konark Sikka as well as in writing lyrics in Hindi. She leans towards writing music influenced by a global sound of strong women in the genres of Pop, RnB and the electronic scene.

Just Want You is much more than a catchy and danceable tune, it's an experience that invokes passion and walks a listener through a whirlpool of emotions experienced by young people in the world today. With the magic of Aneesha's raspy and sensual voice and lyricism, her versatility and raw talent make her an artist to watch out for. So, be sure to check out Just Want You and keep an eye out for what Aneesha has in store next.

It was released on 13th January and is available on all streaming platforms.

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