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Antimony sings about missing loved ones in his latest release Think About This

"Don't look for new doors if you can break through the closed ones" - Antimony

Sayan Bhattacharjee aka Antimony, is a producer/songwriter/DJ from Kolkata. He grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys, Greenday, Linkin Park, Akon, and Eminem. He learned to play the piano towards the end of 2019 and started experimenting with music in 2020. After getting himself well versed with the instrument, he started playing around with different styles and found his sound.

Antimony doesn't like conforming to any genre but would rather create what his heart tells him to and what he finds joy in. He loves to go with the vibe of the track as he translates his musical ideas into a song. In march 2021 he started releasing his music and his music has already reached over 17000 plays on Spotify. He states that his biggest achievement is that people connect to his music and it continues to have a positive impact when they first listen to it.

He has a very straightforward approach to life and spends most of his time around music. His lyricism comes from the fact that he also loves to write poetry. He believes in learning new things and he applied that mentality while learning more about music and producing. Although he's still completing his high school, Antimony looks like he's off to a promising start in the world of music.

Antimony released his latest track 'Think About This' and the track is about missing someone you love and cherishing the moments and memories that you would never let go of. The song speaks of the hardship that one faces while waiting for someone. He had his friend Neisant Alvares over at his place when they were casually jamming on his couch and Neisant came up with the first two lines of the chorus while Sayan completed the chorus. Sayan also worked with Emmarq Saez's who helped him with the vocals and his friend Pavan Pillai for the rap in the second verse. The song was ready after everyone's inputs and was uploaded on all major streaming platforms.

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