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Anuragi switches it up with comedy rock single 'Apne To Lag Gaye Hain'

Dr Rajesh Anuragi from Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh has been part of the indie Hindi music scene for a while now with his first album released back in 2013. Like most artists in this field he usually writes and sings love songs and even his stage name 'Anuragi' means lover. However, this time around he chose to do things a bit differently. He tells us "The 'L' in my luck has been replaced with the letter 'F'."

His new release 'Apne To Lag Gaye Hai' takes a comical approach and lists out the events in Anuragi's life that, in hind sight, now amuse him. The lyrics of the song incorporate a bunch of Hindi slang, which hits so close to home for anyone in their youth today. The track begins with a smooth yet charismatic guitar solo which sets an upbeat tempo for the rest of it. "Jab kismat mei likhe hai hathode, toh phir kaise milenge pakode" is a line from the chorus which will give you a gist how the song goes. On a whole, the song has a clear college festival vibe to it. It fades out with a guitar solo as well, strengthening its rock appeal.

Rajesh tells us that this song was written back 2011 with no actual intention to put it out to the public. However, he met an old friend/roommate from his time in Delhi who reminded him of this song. I don't need to tell you why this song works perfectly for the time we currently live in. The song began recording in December 2020 and was finally released on March 29, 2021. He tells us that he would love to work with Lucky Ali or Ellie Goulding if he ever got the chance to do so. We at Savaal believe that we need more artists like this today, who will step out of the ordinary and create something light-hearted to help uplift our spirits.

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