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Arham Fulfagar | Artist Spotlight

“Its 3a.m. and I’m thinking about you, so god damn hard to sleep without you”, writes 23-year old indie singer-songwriter Arham Fulfagar from Guwahati, Assam. He started writing music in 2018 while he was still in college. He now works as a freelance video editor by day and a musician by night. He’s already released 5 singles last year. Arham was based in Mumbai for a long time but moved back to his hometown during the pandemic. He takes inspiration from artists like Damien Rice, Tom Odell and Prateek Kuhad.

His latest single ‘Thinking About You’ was released on January 8, 2021. Arham tells us that it was just one of those days he couldn’t sleep and thought he’d just hook up his mic and guitar and make music. While he hadn’t finished writing the song entirely, he improvised and ended up recording it overnight. Like the title says, the track speaks about a guy who can’t sleep because he’s remembering a girl and feels the void she has left in his heart, and well, bed, after she left him. The music video, made by Poonam Bisht is an adorable animated depiction of a doggo missing his human and waiting for hours for them to return.

Arham’s music is charming in a couple ways but mostly because it’s essence lies in its simplicity. This was the first song he recorded outside a professional studio but that doesn’t take away much from the song thanks to the raw, emotional nature of it. Earlier in life, he recalls pretending that a water bottle is a microphone and singing into it like he’s drunk when he friends who ask him to sing ‘Gulaabi Aankhein’ The first time he performed his own songs was at a musical festival in Himachal Pradesh in 2019. He tells us that he’s been writing a lot recently and plans to release a lot more music in both Hindi and English.

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