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Arihan tells us to not take it to the heart in 'Dil Pe Mat Le'

In the world we live in today, there's a million people trying to tell you what to do and how to live. Does that mean you can listen to all of them? Obviously not. That's what 18-year old Mumbai-based rapper Arihan Mitra's new track 'Dil Pe Mat Le' talks about. He tells us how since he begun writing rap, there were a lot of naysayers but he persevered through all the hate to do what he loves. Work done with passion always stands out yea? He tells us how he recalls his parents telling "Theek hai, koi baat nai, dil pe mat le" whenever he felt down and discouraged.

The track goes on talk about how Arihan roamed around with the elder guys when he was a young kid, and always got into fights here and there. However, his parents encouraged him to stay focused on his dreams and work hard to attain the goals he had in his mind. A really beautiful line in the verse is "Khud se hi jung hum khud se hai ladte" which talks about how apart from the external toil and struggle, so many of us are facing internal struggles and yet fight through it, because we all just want to live and be happy. Apart from adept lyrics, Arhan also spits his bars rather effortlessly in tempo with the backbeat, produced by Deep Sahani.

Above everything, the track is something we all need to tell ourselves - don't be so hard on yourself, don't let all the hate bring you down. At the end of the day, you have to make your own decisions. The artwork for the track is a beautiful concoction of a guy's face and the human heart. The iridescent colors really make it pop as well.

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