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Arko Paul | Artist Spotlight

Arkajeet Paul (aka Arko) was born in Silchar Assam and works between his hometown and Bangalore as a Singer-songwriter who started his career in music 2 years ago. The 20 year old musician loves to reminiscence old memories and usually writes songs for a special person. Writing tunes in Hindi he sings about his love for a special one.

'Teri Yaadein' is a single by singer Arkajeet Paul and composer Abhishek Goswami and it is presented in a subtle and mellow way so as to send the listener to another dimension.

The song is about dwelling into the memories of love and Arko has poured his heart out in this beautiful ballad. The song also features Ricky Dutta who plays the Guitar Solo in the track. The Artists claim to have finished 4 packets of dipsters to be able to write the lyrics and the song that emerged came from nothing but love.

The track was recorded at Sonicspawn studios (Silchar, Assam) and was released on the September 30th, 2020 after a month in production. They went out to put a lyric video for the song so people can sing along to their tune whilst reliving beautiful memories of love.

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