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Asmay | Artist Spotlight

Young and opinionated with a fierce command over Hindi rhymes. Asmay Patil is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and rapper. He, in his words, was a normal kid who dreamt of becoming a football player. However, family and academic problems came in the way, and failing twice in college made things worse. And like many artists, he found refuge in singing.

He first started with Bollywood songs and then began trying his luck in rapping. He found his safe house there and began writing rap songs. His latest track, 'Poorn Viram', pays an ode to the struggles that characterise not only his life but is a caricature of many young kids who turn to addiction as a safe house. And of how depression can cause one to take this decisive turn in life.

'Poorn Viram' starts with a bottle in Asmay's mouth and a tumble in his walk at the corridor. With an eerie chorus by Akshata in the background, Asmay stumbles onto a chair. He starts: 'Hum Sehte Roj Fir Bhi Khushiyon Ki Talaash Mai Milo Kos (We bear everyday and yet we are miles away from happiness)'. This verse presents as an interesting line for a person who's turned to the bottle, setting the tone for the entire video. Another interesting line that truly paints the whole picture, 'Iss Dard Ko Kaise Samjhaaye, Isliye Khol Diya Pura Shabdkosh (How do I explain this pain, thus I open the entire dictionary)' gives life to the art that is painted by a pained rapper.

The entire song presents itself as an opportunity for lost souls to relate and empathise with, especially for torn musicians who found their soul's calling after years of bearing pain. The song also talks about regret, of 'relishing an old winter's memory, and of 'removing all mistakes from the past'. Even in the single's description, he pays homage to how depression itself is a cause for a person to take this route, and that it should be identified.

Asmay boldly ventures through a number of emotions that build the path that a person living in regret travels on without any place to rest other than substances. Throughout the single, Asmay displays a strong command over his verses, lyrically and metaphorically. Teesri Aankh provides an important addition to the single's entirety with the narrative of a soul's dark night. And Akshata's resounding vocals provide the perfect accompaniment to their lyrics.

You can check out the single here -

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