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Atul Gupta works with Arya & Tiyasha Biswas on his latest heartpour 'Kinds of Lies'

20-year-old Atul Gupta recently dropped his latest track ‘Kind of Lies’. Atul who is born and brought up in Nagpur is an indie artist who works in the chill/pop genre. A college dropout, Atul is now pursuing music production full-time. He started his journey in music at the age of 12, when he started learning musical instruments before getting into production. He gained a lot of inspiration from artists like Powerful, Lauv, and Conon Grey in his early teens. At the age of 20, Atul already has already put out 2 self-produced albums, ‘My Best Days Were With Her’ and ‘Soulart’ in the past 2 years. His third album is also in the works.

Kinds of Lies by Atul Gupta & Oh Arya (Ft. Tiyasha Biswas) dropped on 27th May 2021. Atul met Oh Arya and Tiyasha through Instagram and decided to collaborate on this track. “The three of us met on Instagram. I already had this beat produced, and their contributions helped complete Kind of Lies”. Taking roughly 3 months to complete Atul even managed to come up with some trippy artwork with help from Avikalp Fuley. The main feature of the track is in the simplicity of the production. “We gave ourselves complete freedom on the lyrics. I kept the production simple with some soft guitar and drums. The best part about this song is the simplicity and minimalistic approach”.

Apart from making music, Atul also owns a recording studio in Nagpur called Young Homie Production, which is also where he recorded his parts for this track. While he isn’t making some original music, he helps other artists with recording and production. We can also expect many collaborations for his upcoming album, which he hopes to complete soon.

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