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  • Virendra Narain

Ayon | Artist Spotlight

Ayon Mukherji, a Delhi-born kid, raised between Delhi and Singapore, and currently studying in Germany collaborates with hit maker Marcel ( formerly Elrim) who's productions have blown up with artists in the South-East-Asia region. Introducing Temporary Play their collaboration album that is a trip through their experience into their zeitgeist through the motions and emotions of soulful, warm, and at times cold and lit, Hip-Hop. They released the complete 12 track Album on the 24th September 2020 with a few songs released as singles and having hit 300k streams since 2019 they thought it was time for an album and it turned out hella groovy!

"Temporary play" is an album inspired by many things, which started of trying to be a predefined concept with planned out ideas but things turned out to be something spontaneous and worked out better as they got to be themselves while producing it. They ended up with an honest album where Ayon was honest when it came to the lyrics and Marcel stayed to his taste and abilities. as a producer to make the album sound the way it does. Creating a unique and global identity to their album which was made to define what they do as musicians. Ayon also says that the best part of being a musician is the whole process of creating and communicating with like minded people

Alongside this release, Ayon and Marcel have created a zine (mini-magazine) which they are printing and distributing independently, and are setting up a website ( where they will highlight and push their traffic to view the blogs that mention us, the website will be up later this week. So much of the genre and what they love about it has been curated and cared for into the limelight by internet blogs, and as artists who have benefited from these sources, they thought it would be special to be able to ground their special project in this.

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