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Baazigar releases a mothers day song called Shukriya Maa

Aurangabaads favorite Rapper Danish Sayyad Aka Baazigar releases a tribute track for all the mothers on Mothers Day. This lyrical magician is known for writing the Aurangabad’s Rap Anthem. His infatuation with music is infectious and his ideas are unique.

Although his formal education was completed in Pharmacy, that hasn't stopped Bazigar from being a part of the world of music. He dwells in writing whimsical and witty lyrics to express what goes in his mind.

On the occasion of Mother's day, He has released his latest single called Shukriya Maa which features Aditiya Jamkar. The track is a part of his EP called Emotions. This song is an adorable rap ballad in which Baazigar expresses his love for the lady that gave him birth. The track is also dedicated to all the mothers in the world that have made many sacrifices for their children.

Baazigar released a music video for the track, which showcases many different mother-children relations. Everything about the music video, from the concept to the shooting and editing was done within 48 hours.

When we asked him about his track, Baazigar told us "‘Shukriya Maa’ is a musical love letter to all mothers everywhere. In this track, Baazigar describes a mother’s journey in raising a child and how we are grateful for her every day."

This touching song is his way of showing respect and affection towards the one person who has made the most effort into making sure he has had a good upbringing and we love that.

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