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Baazigar speaks of the difficulties of life in his latest single 'ImPossible'

Baazigar is known to be a magician of words. Hailing from Aurangabad, he was always considered left of the center due to his love for rap from the early days. He has always been passionate about music ever since he was a child and always aspired to be a musician.

Although he is a Pharma Post Graduate (M.Pharm) by Profession, he used to write raps during college classes but never released a track. It wasn't until the first lockdown that he wrote about his city and the track went on to become Aurangabad’s Rap Anthem. The track 'Hao Bolte' featuring Yashraj Mukhate really resonated with the people of his city and he became a household name.

He continued to work on his music and released several singles during this period and he dropped his latest single on 2nd February 2022. His latest single is called 'ImPossible' and in the track, Baazigar raps about how with dedication, anything can be made possible. The track ImPossible was released as a part of his 'Emotions EP'.

When we asked him about the track, he told us "The track ‘ImPossible’ addresses the need for perseverance in difficulties in life". "In this track, I try to bring back the theme of perseverance and self-preservation from his song ‘Better late than never" he added.

The track features Anjali Deshpande in the chorus along with Nuke The Cartel making the beat. The entire EP took 4 months to produce and the vocals were recorded at High-Frequency Studio Aurangabad.

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