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Bad Trip Symphony takes a trip down memory lane in 'B12'

"Build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs" - is Lakshya Singh aka Badluck's favorite quote. He's one half of Bad Trip Symphony, a Jaipur-based English-Hindi fusion hip hop/rap duo, with Shivam Sharma (Rbbt). Badluck and Rbbt initially worked with a producer named H-Rush under the group name O3, back in 2016, they parted ways with him in 2018 and now work with Bearbeatz in Mumbai. The group is inspired by artists like Eminem and Nas.

Badluck's new album "B12" , released on December 5, 2020, talks about the journey of a kid who spent his early youth in bad company, leading to him not qualifying himself enough for a decent job. However, as the 12-track album progresses, it shows us how the boy grows up to get his act together and become an artist. Across the songs in the album, Badluck expresses the different mental states he has been through in songs 'Bipolar' and 'Attitude', with his friends asking him to reconsider his choice to become a full-time musician. However, he pushes through the self-doubt to do what he needs to. It also features some dark and gritty tracks such as 'Worst Rapper' and 'Reality' where he talks about dealing with his past and the mistakes he made along with heart-break and losing a girl because of his unstable career. The production of the entire album has been worked on by Rbbt.

The duo both work day jobs and meet in the evening to discuss ideas and make music at Rbbt's home studio, which they set up using Logic Pro X during the lockdown. Badluck runs a cricket academy while Rbbt is a lecturer in SMS Medical College. They 26-year olds would love to work with Royce Da 5'9 or Seedhe Maut if given the opportunity.

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