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Benhurmusic | Artist Spotlight

The canorous duo Amal Jose and Vishnu Das are a cross genre acoustic troubadours from Kochi. Amal met Vishnu in 2018 and they experimented with different sounds and because they had influences from various genres they decided to bring distinct set of sounds with each EP. The current duo Benhurmusic as they call them self was formed in 2019. Before Amal met Vishnu he used to perform local venues in 2014 and then later used to perform with a kochi based music team at Events and weddings. But everything changed when he met Vishnu.

Benhur the EP tells a surreal story in the most subtle and dramatic way is the sound they envisioned. Having released 2 singles from the EP, with 2 more in line for releases. Their influences for the EP are drawn from acoustic/folk roots, with slight melancholic feels to it. This being the dou's first EP it consists of 4 songs, of which all are released Individually, Even though they are all part of the same EP.

Songs from the “EP”


“Dancing chair”

“By the River”

“Flower child”

This song was written this year during the lockdown period. The lyrical theme is about realistic expectations in relation, feeling that the sweet difference is what they believe is love. Hence towards the end repeating the same verse in a more uplifting way, Using harmonies and the instrumentation to portray a sense of beauty, to the same difference said in the first verse.

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