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Bhi Beamin' on his latest album 'I'll Sleep When I'm Famous'

Bhi Bhiman is a versatile multidisciplinary artist who writes, sings, plays the guitar and makes nearly everything you hear on his albums. Bhi’s latest release is I'll Sleep When I'm Famous, where he goes deep on all things that have impacted his life. His music can best be described as a combination of genres blending varying styles in lyrics, instrumentals and beats into his original music. The album includes very diverse songs that talk about almost all aspects of our lives whether it comes to love, death or personal growth.

Bhi was born in St. Louis, Missouri where he spent time listening to bands like Soundgarden growing up. In this recent album, Bhi talked about his experience in getting through the tough times by writing songs that celebrate living a meaningful life even though it doesn't always seem perfect because of what has happened especially when tragedy strikes close to home leaving great emptiness.

Some of the instruments he used include an electric guitar, vocal layers and electronic production mixed in. This album really captures how he manages to move forward despite difficult issues that seem insurmountable in his music career as well as his personal life.

He has been playing the guitar since he was seven and started writing music around seventeen or eighteen. Over the past several years, Bhi has composed multiple songs, but it wasn't until recently that he decided to put everything together and release this album.

One of the most captivating aspects of the album is that many of the songs were written in a short amount of time, and then recorded with talented vocalists Safiyah Hernandez and Aliyah Sade.

As an individual in today's generation, one can relate to having a passion for something. Whether this is devoted towards something such as music, photography or even sports or just about anything else you can think of you'll probably find someone out there who shares your passion or has at least heard of it!

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