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Bik Raha Hoon: Ankit Bareja's Journey of Folk-Inspired Self-Reflection

Ankit Bareja, a solo artist and singer-songwriter, has recently released his latest track titled "Bik Raha Hoon" on February 24, 2023. Ankit’s music style is contemporary folk, where he writes songs inspired by everyday things that happen to an average working man/woman's life. He believes that he has always been playing guitar and singing for the longest time, but life kept happening in between, and music always took a backseat.

"Bik Raha Hoon" talks about the internal conflict that an individual goes through while trying to conform to the societal norms every day. The song is a commentary on the everyday life of a working-class man/woman who has hope and ambition but loses self-respect in the process. Ankit composed, sang, and produced the song, and the lyrics are penned by his friend Kartik Gupta, who was his batchmate from engineering. The track is a collaboration between two friends who are each other's therapists.

Ankit's music is influenced by artists like Jack Johnson, Bob Dylan, Piyush Mishra, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Indian Ocean, and Junoon. He records his tracks at his home and sends them to his friend Brince Bora for mixing and mastering. The idea is to release a track every month and improve upon the production quality, lyric writing, and vocals with every track.

In a parallel universe, Ankit is a product management professional, currently running a bootstrapped ed-tech startup called PM School. He wants to tell his story to the world through his music and primarily writes songs in both Hindi and English. Through his music, he wants to talk about much lesser romanticized things that affect him and all of us on a daily basis, like anxiety, relationships with parents/spouse, disenchantment with a corporate career, mid-life crises, etc.

Ankit's favorite instrument is his larynx (voice box) and the piano, and his five favorite words are Slow, Life, Healthy, Routine, Satisfied. He defines his story in one word - Journey. His favorite food is Rajma Chawal, Dal Chawal, Tunday Kebab, Curd Rice, and Coffee, and his favorite color is Chocolate Brown.

Overall, Ankit Bareja is a talented musician who strives to create music that tells a story and resonates with his listeners. His latest track, "Bik Raha Hoon," is a testament to his skills and creativity, and it is definitely worth checking out.

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