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Capturing the deep love left behind in a dear one's absence: Adil Nadaf's latest 'Sajna Unplugged'

An artist who defines his story as "complicated", Adil Nadaf is a 29-year-old music composer and songwriter from Bangalore who is now based in Mumbai. As a young kid, he took a liking to the guitar and soon developed a keen interest in songwriting and composition. He went on to debut as a music composer at the age of 22 and has since been writing and composing his music.

His latest track 'Sajna Unplugged ' was released on the 6th of October this year. An acoustic pop track, it talks about the void that a person experiences in the absence of a loved one and the love that runs deep through each stage of life they face together. The song is the successor of the rock version of the track that was released a little earlier. In contrast, the acoustic version is soothing and emotional and complements the depth of emotion that one goes through when one misses someone dear. Adil and Shaad who is one of the singers on the track met each other in 2015 and went on to collaborate on their first original "Chal Diye". It took three months to record the track at Oktave Studio in Bangalore and interestingly was launched by the artist himself in 2017.

Influenced by the styles of Strings, Lucky Ali, Steven Wilson, and, The Beatles, Adil is a patient, hardworking, hopeful, and persevering artist who strives to make a name for himself in the music industry. A foodie on the side and a true musician at heart, he hopes to collaborate with Lucky Ali and Justin Bieber in the future and we don't doubt the possibility of his success. We wish him the very best of luck.

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