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Carving a diamond out of who we are : UJ’s latest ‘Laakhon Me Ek’

Born in Akola, a city in Vidharbha, UJ believes that the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. This 28-year-old artist started taking guitar lessons at the age of 18 as a hobby that later inspired him to write songs. However, it was after his graduation that he became a serious musician and started to produce and release his songs. The artist is currently based in Pune, making music whenever inspiration strikes. When asked to describe his story in one word, he said that it was “tiring.”

‘Laakhon Me Ek,” his latest release was released on the 17th of July. It is a track that talks about how important it is to not lose sight of who a person is in the process of trying to achieve what they want to be. “Every breathing human being is different and unique in their own and accepting that is winning half the mental battle,” UJ adds. The song is inspired by the artist’s own experience when he tried becoming someone that he thought was better. However, during the process of doing so, he discovered that he was drifting apart from himself and everything he intended to be in the future.

During the lockdown, the artist also developed a keen interest in Lo-fi and started experimenting with the genre. Ever since then, every song that he has made has been with this dominant music genre. This electro indie pop track was written by a childhood friend of his called Udit back in 2020. Even though it was written within a week, because the artist was unsure about whether he wanted to release it or not, he didn’t go back to the song until 2022. It was in this year that he recorded a scratch of the song. When a friend of his listened to the song and loved it, he decided to record and produce the song. The same was done in his bedroom.

The artist wishes to collaborate with Indian and Foreign artists Prateek Kuhad and Post Malone and we hope he gets that chance.

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