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Coincidence or Betrayal? SHUNYA'S latest track "Ittefaaq" explores heartbreak

Using rap, as a form of self-expression, 22-year-old Prashant Karsauliya aka SHUNYA is an engineering student from Thapar university, Patiala. Originally from Agra, the artist has been writing music since his childhood but claims that music truly transformed his life in 2019 during the lockdown.

As a child, Prashant used to read and write a lot of poetry. He was greatly influenced by Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Jaun Elia and many other writers who used the theme of love in their works. His other influences in the world of music include Tupac Shakur, Ikka, Talha Anjum and Neelesh Misra. Whatever he went on to discover about music, the artist credits it to the lockdown that left him with plenty of time in his hands. He has also completed a AEMP (Audio Engineering and Music Production) course from MixWithVasudev studios and enjoys mixing his own songs since day one.

"I love the smell of possibility in the morning", is the artist's favorite quote even though his day normally begins in the afternoon. Music, however, never takes a break and he finds music in everything, all around him.

"Ittefaaq", his latest release, is a track that is based on real events. It talks about a girl who cheats on a guy in the name of coincidences, as the title suggests. The use of Hindi and Urdu lends the track a very peaceful, R&B, laid-back vibe. The lyrics convey a mixture of pain, anger and sadness that are difficult to express and find an outlet through this rap melody.

The track that took just a day to be recorded, is interestingly a narration of a heartbreak faced by one of the artist's friends. It was recorded right from the comfort of the artist's home. The album art was created by Priyanshu Mishra, a childhood friend.

SHUNYA dedicates this track to every guy/girl who has been betrayed in their relationships and hopes that the track will be loved by his listeners.

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