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'CumBack' is Mittxl's foray into hard trap/bigroom beats

I love the fact that technology makes everything so accessible today to the point where you can learn almost anything online. If it wasn't for the internet, Tanish Mittal aka Mittxl from Jalandar, Punjab wouldn't be producing music at the early age of 15 and we wouldn't be listening to it either. Tanish started off making music under the name 'BassInTrouble' but lost his way for a while before he rekindled the musical flame as Mittxl this September. His influences include Anuv Jain, CorpseHusband and Ed Sheeran.

Mittxl released his new single 'CumBack' on March 1, 2021 and strayed away from his usually melodic style for this one. The track is a hard-hitting trap/hip hop style instrumental, which catches your attention with the layering and the various sounds used. What's surprising, is that around 2:10 mark, the song flips completely and you're now hearing big room/ festival trap out of nowhere. While it did catch me off-guard, I quite liked the switch up. Tanish tells us that this song was created after this friend Karrant found some samples on his desktop while working on a project and it turned out to be something they both liked.

The artwork for the song was designed by Teghveer Singh. Funnily enough, Mittxl added the 'Parental Advisory Explicit Content' tag to his album art just as an aesthetic cue but as it turns out the distributor actually sent out the track to stores like Apple Music and Spotify as explicit even though its a completely instrumental track with no lyrics to be deemed explicit. During this time off from music, Tanish also dabbled in some video editing. He tells us that his favorite instruments are the piano and guitar.

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