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Deelite | Artist Spotlight

Making it in a foreign scene across the globe, Deelite is the only Desi Punjabi MC doing Punjabi and English Grime and he is creating a new wave of Asian Grime. Which one that is ‘street’ coupled with bilingual rap, He has received accolades such as the pioneer of Asian Grime music with a distinctively British edge. He was born in Manchester but then moved to Leicester where he has been all his life. Being Inspired at just 10 he learnt his passion and when he got around 16 he understood he wanted to be and MC and spent the rest of life his honing his craft.

Deelite has positioned himself as a versatile MC that can explore topics of relevance to British Asians such as ‘battling demons’ in ‘Rendeh’, addressing the nuances of British Asian life in ‘Diffrnt’ or demonstrating the ostentatious undercurrents of the ‘grime persona’ in his music through an Asian lens. He continues to be a regular feature on many radio playlists and as an artist, always try to bring something fresh and exceptional in amidst a music industry that follows trends. Deelite has carved out a niche of his own that he has not heard from any south Asian artists. He continues to push the boundary of English lyricism against a backdrop of strong Asian values and immigrant narratives.

In his Latest Track "Pagal" Deelite is coming with that commercial sound infused with the the Asian and English bilingual switch up which he is renowned for. He wrote "Pagal" amidists the Lockdown and the process was delayed and took longer to complete due to covid-19 the turnaround for this project from recording the vocals to mixing and mastering an then shooting the video took 6 weeks. This track was recorded at Clarence street studios by his engineer Aaron Hira who has been by his side from the very start.

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