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Deepak Kamboj | Artist Spotlight

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Deepak Kamboj is an Independent Singer-Songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden who started his music journey back in his college days but it was after he moved to Stockholm for work when he started taking his music seriously. He is originally from Dehradun and it is here, when he started music. He was always attracted to the valleys, the mountains, the greenery and that is why he records Romantic music. Before his music journey he was the winner and was felicitated as "Mr North India in 2003". He started to learn guitar on his own and began performing for the Indian Consulate in Stockholm and some local desi gigs before beginning to focus on studio music production in 2018.

In 2020 he released his first debut single "Tera Hissa" which was written by Raj Kamble and Composed by Harsh Leo. The music has arranged, mixed and mastered by Gourav Azad, a very young talent based out of Ludhiana, India. When we asked him about his debut track, he told us "My debut single is named #TeraHissa which means "part of your life", Its a romantic ballad or you can call it a simple soulful love song that I wanted to dedicate to my wife. ( Supriya ) ".

Deepak could not shoot the video for his debut single as he planned as he wanted it to be shot in different locations within Europe with an amazing director from Stockholm a very close friend of his who did his recent covers but because of some production and pandemic challenges, he decided to go for something different this time and came up with the idea of an Animated video. The animation was done by Devanshi Chitalia and you will see little animated Deepak and Supriya sitting on the top of the building and trying to see their special moments in those different frames. They have also captured some old buildings architecture from Stockholm's old town also known as Gamlastan in the animated video.

Whilst being a good husband and an amazing musician. Deepak is currently working on four singles in English, Hindi, and Punjabi where he will be collaborating with some renowned name from the Indian and Swedish music industry, and he is super excited to bring it to all his fans. Deepak is also readying a second single which will be a Punjabi offering that he first wrote as a poem in high school.

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