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Deepblue seas | Artist Spotlight

Deepblue seas is an idea. Just like the deep oceans are vast in nature and have depth (both very intense emotions) but can also be calm and put you in a trance. The artist hope to achieve the same depth and vastness (raw intense emotions) in music, whether it be through the lyrics or through the music. He wants the listeners to be able to let go of all their pain, dilemma and just connect with his music and relax. “let the music flow through your veins”.

Suvankar Mishra who is recognized by the stage name Deepblue seas is an indie alt rock artist from Mumbai, Thane. It was 2014 when he began his journey as a musician and he has produced a few full length albums as well as a bunch of singles since. Suvankars earliest musical discovery was Linkin park and he felt an instant admiration for Alternative Rock/Hardrock and Metal. In recent years he has been heavily inspired by Steven Wilsons solo project, Porcupine tree, Chris Cornell and Alice in chains. He holds them as his music for his unique melodies and sound.

On 30th of July 2020 Deepblue seas released his 7th studio album "Surrender To Love". The album title itself suggests the message it entails. It is about looking at love from a different perspective, wanting his listeners to switch to the lens that resides within them and look at love in a way they’ve never before. The album speaks about loving an individual in the most faithful way possible, this individual need not be a lover, it could also be one’s own self.

Listen to his song Bliss, a beautiful song that captures Deepblue Seas in his element with the heart-melting guitar lead and his soothing vocals.

His music is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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