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'Delira' is the aptly named by fingerstyle guitarist Shravan for his latest guitar piece

Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart is the motto of Pondicherry based multi-instrumentalist Shravan. He is a young self-taught musician who favors his guitar the most and picked up the guitar at the age of 12. After practicing for years he was able to play the sounds of a whole band with his acoustic guitar while singing his heart out. He doesn't believe in looping, or backing tracks and loves learning complicated music pieces where he plays both the melody and rhythm on his guitar. He has been playing for over 6 years and has done over 60 fingerstyle covers. He also started expressing his feelings in the form of sound and has released 2 original guitar pieces.

He released his second single 'Delira' on 19th May 2021 and the song came to him as a surprise. It's a song that he wrote for fun which helped him get through tough times and he decided to improvise it into its final version. "I had to find a unique word that properly matches the song and settled with Delira which means excited!" he tells us. He felt the tune come to him while listening to some music and he took his guitar and played the piece and started developing into a 4 minutes instrumental. "The main goal was to make something that is peaceful. And if anyone finds peacefulness or calmness listening to it, even one person, I would consider that as a huge success" he added.

His story is an ever-evolving one, and he is in the constant effort to work on his skills and improve his guitar playing. He hopes to enhance people's lives with his music and would love to make an impact in people's lives without words, through his music. He is always taking in new information from things he reads and from his observations and tries to make sense of them with his current framework of understanding of the world, himself, and the ones around him. If given a chance, he would love to work with film composer Santhosh Narayanan.


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