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DJVENKY | Artist Spotlight

Venkatesh Achari Born in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh is a Disk Jokey known as DJ-VENKY.

He learnt about EDM in 2016 when he heard the song " The nights" by Avicii and that drove him into persuring a career as a DJ himself. He is a self taught with his art and he learnt his skills off the Internet and started producing EDM, Dubstep and DeepHouse.

Although hes been producing music since 2016, Hes only released the work after 2019 only to make sure hes polished his skills enough before going Public. DJvenky has released 2 singles on spotify and looks to expand his music style over various genres .

His latest release is called "Frequency".

The song "Frequency" was made by accident when he was trying different melodies and was surprised to see what he came up with 2 hours of work during a day he wasn't well . His goal is to change the Indian EDM Scene and add an Indian Vibe in all his genres of production.

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