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Doctor Lincoln’s latest 90s ballad track ‘Break The Ice’ talks about overcoming sore relationships

A solo artist, guitarist, songwriter, singer, and producer, Doctor Lincoln is slowly revolutionizing the Indian music industry. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, he did his college in India and settled down in Kochi. A former cardiac surgeon diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2018, Lincoln quit his practice to pursue music full-time. He also created an awareness campaign in 2021 for the inclusion of individuals with autism in India’s music industry.

This artist emerged in the country’s music scene with the alternate/Avante-Garde band ‘Once Chosen’ in 2008. The band then released a moderately successful EP ‘Superliminal’ via their ReverbNation page in 2009 disbanding soon after. The 38-year-old artist, post-2009, amidst relocating between various cities and his hometown, decided to take his music in a solo direction. What started as writing various songs eventually became his debut album ‘Wallflower’ released on 14th May 2016.

‘Break The Ice,’ his latest song, attempts to lyrically explore overcoming “ghosting” from sore friendships that in reality, mean a lot to a person. The 90s ballad-styled pop track was released on the 14th of June and took over 6 months to record and produce. The song was originally written by the artist back in 2009 and had made an appearance on his debut album. However, because he wasn’t happy with the sonic treatment of the song, he decided to revisit it exactly the way he wanted it to sound thus arriving at the current version in 2021.

Recorded at Lincoln’s home studio, the drums for the song were tracked live by drummer Francesca Prattico in Naples, Italy. It shall feature on his sophomore album ‘Will See You Now’ scheduled to release in August.

Doctor Lincoln has been gaining popularity around the world ever since the release of his first track ‘Don’t Let Go’ and we here at Savaal are sure he will reach great heights.

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