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Dr3amer | Artist Spotlight

A gentle touch of harmonizing on a beautiful array of instrumentations, from the piano to the synth, decorate Manan a.k.a Dr3amer's exquisite tracks. His latest project, 'Breathe', sets itself apart not from Manan's style, but from other Indie-electronic projects thanks to the sheer innovation on the production.

Unlike his earlier track 'Mousai', Manan drops the heavy bass and desi instrument experimentation for a more orthodox creation with subtle and not-so-subtle nods to an oceanic experience. Not just a dive in a DAW, but a genuine oceanic vibe. The track, in his words, "consists of a long intro with subtle textures and a beautiful piano piece building up an emotional/happy vibe". And right from its beautifully paced chords with the backdrop of a beach to the venturing into the melodic beats, Manan spares no effort in staying true to the vision.

Born in Hyderabad, having spent half his life in Orissa and the other half in Visakhapatnam and studying in Bangalore right now, 20-year-old Manan made quite a few changes to his address before finding himself in a room in Visakhapatnam with only his headphones and a sound card. Introduced to production 4 years ago in high school, he's been making music seriously since 2 years now. 'Breathe' had two versions, one with vocals. Only the instrumental which took around 2 months and over 12 hours of project time made it to Spotify.

Speaking about the production, he says, "When I started this project, I texted Thetansenproject asking if he would be interested in a collab on this project (keep in mind we are strangers at this point. I had only sent the rough work on the intro and 1st drop. He replied saying the track is beautiful and he'd love to work together but being a really modest guy that he is, he says he doesn't need credits on this 'cause the basic idea was mine, to which I deny and insist having a 50-50 credit distribution to which he later agrees upon."

Manan's influences include no less than producers from the record label "Bitbird" By San Holo. He's now veering towards the "Anjunadeep" house style as well, but says that he's still inspired by the former producer ever since he dropped his masterpiece "Album 1". He now looks forward to collaborating with him as well as Dorwin John.

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