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Elevenex releasing tells us his story thru his new pop/rock single 'Call You'

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Elevenex, a young artist born in Chandigarh and currently based in Gurgaon. He became a musician at the age of 10. In 6th grade, he took up formal guitar classes and struggled initially but continued learning and mastering the skill with bleeding fingers and shaffed hands. His journey in the school band played an important part in making him what he is today and he soon started producing and with a band named Exhymn with his friend Himnish (vocalist). He then started his own venture as a solo artist under the name "Elevenex".

Elevenex's latest track 'Call You' released on 28th May 2021, is a pop/rock which took him 2 months to record and another month to mix master. This track expresses what a person would feel after a breakup or when feeling helpless. Having a phone but being skeptical about if you can call someone or trust them or call them but getting no answer. This song expresses that pain in an energy-filled chorus and expresses the calm memories in the verse conveying a story as the song builds. This song was written by him as well and has a guitar solo which he adds to all his tracks because he feels having an instrumental piece can really express something vocals can’t whilst also paying tribute to an era when a guitar solo was an industry norm in rock and pop and what people looked for.

The song initially started just with a phone vibrating sample as he was inspired by the introduction of the song “driver’s license”, where the singer uses the sound of a car as it relates perfectly to the song story. He recorded the track at his home studio. The 16-year-old made the artwork himself as well. His influences include John Mayer, juice wrld, and Eddie Van Halen. He aspires to work with John Mayer in the Future.

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