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Embark on a Musical Journey with Avra Banerjee's Manoyatri Album and the Mystical Ganga Kaleidoscope

Avra Banerjee, the composer, and sarod player, presents a unique global music project that features 22 talented artists from multiple geographies. The album comprises four unique compositions that take the listeners on a divine and contemplative spiritual journey. With the theme of wisdom, timelessness, serenity, self-realization, love, connections, and synchronicity, the tracks establish a sense of ultimate peace and euphoria.

The album features renowned artists and performers, including Swapan Chaudhuri, Taufiq Qureshi, Mahalakshmi Iyer, George Brooks, and Purbayan Chatterjee, to name a few. The tracks are firmly rooted in the earthy tones of Hindustani classical music, branching out into the genres of contemporary and world music. The intricate and unconventional rhythmic time cycles like 9/4, 11/4, 13/4, and 15/4 with typical and complicated rhythmic divisions are applied as grooves, making the compositions sound unique and mesmerizing.

The first song from the album "Manoyatri," titled "Ganga Kaleidoscope," is now available on Muzik House Productions' YouTube channel, Spotify, and Apple Music. This track is based on Raag 'Jog' and takes the listeners on a musical voyage on the river "Ganga." The composition demonstrates different dynamics and emotions that constantly evolve and change its dynamics from its origin to its estuary. The track is intense, tranquil, powerful, and fierce, all at the same time. The composition aims to bring in similar emotions and patterns throughout its presentation, making it a complete musical journey.

"Ganga Kaleidoscope" features Mahalakshmi Iyer on vocals, Rhythm Shaw on guitars, Ojas Adhiya on tabla, Avra Banerjee on sarod, Tamal Halder on piano/keys, Bachospati Chakraborty on bass guitar, Himadri Sekhar Das on drums, and Bhaswar Dasgupta on lyrics. The unconventional unison pattern with dynamics of rhythmic beats transitions from a 4-beat cycle to a 9-beat cycle, connecting Indian music to a progressive development with Western melodies and rhythm.

Avra Banerjee, the composer of the album, has over 15 years of Indian classical music training from the legendary maestro Ustad Aashish Khan. He specializes in world music and has done successful collaborations with musicians across the world. His biggest achievement has been getting nominations at the biggest Indian music award GIMA in 2013 for best fusion music album and Independent Music Award, USA. Apart from performing, Avra is responsible for music direction, composition, and arrangement of the band tracks. He is also the founder of two world music bands "Ragamorphism" at India and "SwaraSynthesis" at Australia.

The release of the first song from the album "Manoyatri" is undoubtedly an exciting moment for music lovers. With its unique composition, a blend of genres, and talented artists, this album promises to take the listeners on a musical journey like no other. So, grab your headphones and dive into the melodious world of "Manoyatri."

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