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Empower yourself with Subhi's latest release Empire

Subhi is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago, USA. Although her music career started in 2016, she has been a working professional for quite some time. In order to get into the music scene, Subhi quit her job of 3 years on Wall Street, NY.

Subhi is a finance major graduate with a master's degree in Media studies, who spun her life around 180 degrees to become a musician. Her journey started when she released her debut Hindi album "Shaitaan Dil" in 2017.

For her latest release, Subhi has collaborated with UK-based producer, Luke Jackson on the track 'Empire'. The single was released on June 17th and is a track about creating your own world in your own way.

The single was created in a day and she wrote & recorded the song in just a few hours. The production, songwriting, mixing and mastering all happened within 12 hours of creation.

When we asked her about the track, she told us "Empire was created during an international sync camp hosted by Anara Publishing. Luke Jackson created an instrumental track and I started working on the top line. The moment I heard the track, I was so inspired, it felt empowering. Before I knew it, I started writing about myself, about what I feel right now".

She then went ahead and told us "as an emerging female singer/songwriter, this track is parallel to where I stand in life today. It is a song about me realizing how powerful my desires can be. Empire is about struggle, manifestation, dreams, power, and the urge to create something big with my desires. "Pull me higher, I'll fight for another day. From my desire, I'll make my empire".

The cover art for the track was made by Lyle Lindale and all interactions between the producer and the singer have been on Zoom. The production was carried out online with Subhi recording the track at her home studio in Chicago while Luke worked from the UK.

We look forward to seeing what is next for Subhi and hope to see more of her work in the coming future

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