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  • Aishwarya Vijay

Encouraging musical prowess and creative freedom: read about the Prism School of Music

With a plethora of courses, mastering a range of instruments from the piano to the saxophone and the violin to the tabla along with courses in Western Vocal and Hindustani Classical Music, the Prism School Of Music is one of the best of its kind in Gurgaon. Keeping with the spirit of their E3 principle: Education, Exposure, and Experience, the school was started in the middle of the pandemic and seeks to support and nurture the dreams and aspirations of musical talents and make a career in music more appreciable and normalized.

The School has recently opened its newest branch in Faridabad and aims to ultimately spread its wings and cater to the masses primarily in Delhi. The school provides a platform for those artists whose passion often goes unnoticed owing to their financial constraints and helps them blossom through courses that allow them to master music production and composition without having to spend too much. A one-time investment opens the door to a world of endless opportunities and creativity.

Prism School of Music is organizing a "singer-songwriter" competition between November 15 - December 15. Their mission is to help budding artists with their music. By giving the winner a music production course for free. The song will be recorded by the engineer at Prism School of Music and will be uploaded to the biggest music platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music for free. Do take a look at their Instagram handle to learn more.

The team at Prism School of Music has put together a cohesive curriculum that provides quality music education and the scope for growth through interacting with fellow students and participation in weekly live performances. Merging theory with practicality offers a complete package that prepares one for the world outside.

In partnership with Oviya Studios and Red Mandolin Studios, the school seeks to provide benefits that include an in-depth and personalized understanding of music, exposure to career opportunities, and, striking a balance in everyday life.

"We, at Prism School of Music, firmly believe in your creative freedom. We encourage individuality and help you extract the twelve notes to your doorsteps. With the innate ambiguity of music, we are determined to help you weave your own identity and further into the realm of your own innovative chaos."

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