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Enem’s rap about how he conquered hatred in new release 'Eye For An Eye'

Enem, was born in Amritsar, but raised and based in Chandigarh. He started writing when he was in 7th Grade. It started with him taking lyrics from the internet to get admiration from his classmates but in order to continue the gig, he had to keep up with writing by himself. The more he did, it made him fall in love with the idea of it. Enem eventually got pretty good at lyricism, despite the fact that he faced challenges with flow which required him to spend many sleepless nights studying and listening to other artists, how they rap, how they sound and all the other little nuances they implement in their music.

Enem’s latest hip-hop/rap track ‘Eye for an Eye’, released 24th April 2021, is about how all the criticism and hatred towards him and his art affected him and how he overcame and harnessed it to prove everyone wrong, over a trap beat! The 23-year-old recorded the song in his room in 2 days and had originally planned to make a music video, but as he lives in an apartment, people in his building got diagnosed with Covid 19 and his society was declared a micro containment zone. Hence, he took up self-isolation and decided to make a lyric video using some of the old footage he hadn’t used from his previous projects with some stock footage.

The rapper has studied various artists and the different flows they use but always strived to create his own style and own sound. He looks up to artists like 50 Cent, Nas, Eminem, DMX, GZA, etc as his inspiration. He is fond of the piano and claims to not be able to live without his PlayStation. Enem also mentioned that his music and lyrics build from anything he sees or hears that give him inspiration. He wishes to collaborate with KR$NA in the days to come.

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