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Enjoy the Punjabi folk song 'Sehreyan Wala' with a modern spin by Pallavi Ishpuniyani

Pallavi Ishpuniyani is an Indian classical music singer and songwriter based out of Mumbai. Trained in Indian Classical Music from Khairagarh University, Pallavi started performing at the age of six. Having lived in different parts of India, she can speak various languages and does not shy away from expressing that in her music. She has had the chance of collaborating with many renowned artists such as Mika Singh, Bikram Ghosh, Neeraj Shreedhar, Kumar Mukherjee, and DJ Suketu to name a few.

A Punjaban by heart she is fond of listening to Punjabi folk music, and the result is her rendition of the famous folk song 'Aaya Laadiye Ni Tera Sehreyan Wala'. Teaming up with producer Avijeet Satapathy, they have managed to create a beautiful folk-pop version. The quirky use of the tabla and harmonium provides a fresh sound to this timeless classic. " It was such great fun creating our own version of Sehreyan Wala. Both Avijeet Satapathy & Praveen Muralidhar are fantastic at what they do, and it has been a pleasure working with them. As an artist, all we want to do with our respective arts is to spread some happiness and positivity. Especially in the difficult times that we're faced with. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this song as much as I did singing it " Pallavi tells us. The track also boasts a lovely video that provides the complete experience of living this song.

Pallavi has recently embarked on her journey as a songwriter releasing her debut independent single ‘Night Out' in February 2021. This song was inspired by the popular folk melody ‘Sanu Neher Wale Pul Te Bulake’ originally by Noor Jehan. She plans to release many more originals’ this year.

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