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Exploring connection and tradition: Artyom Hvans AKA Sanskrit String's latest EP Augury of innocence

Artyom Hvans, known by his stage name Sanskrit Strings has a passion that unites both music and spirituality. Hailing from Latvia, the 39-year-old artist bought a one-way plane ticket to India at the age of eighteen, eager to dive into the world of ancient spiritual wisdom, and is now based in Vadodara. Music has always been his lifeline and the artist has mastered several instruments including the classical guitar, mridanga, and electric guitar. He has also founded his band and collaborates with different artists for his various music tracks.

His latest EP 'Augury of Innocence' was released on the 5th of October this year. Inspired by William Blake's poem "Auguries of Innocence", the alternative and fusion-based EP is rooted in tradition yet lends itself an exploratory theme that mimics Artyom's childlike innocence that years for vulnerability and exposure. One of the songs has excerpts of memorable passages from Blake's poem. It took a whole year to record the EP at the artist's home studio and has similarities to music by Dominic Miller, Sting, Slash, Knopfler, Miqedem, Pt. Jasraj, Paco de Lucia and Yury Shevchuk (DDT). Pragya Thakur, his patron from the USA has made the beautiful artwork.

"Music is a channel for me to communicate to the world myself and what I see as truly beautiful, transforming, and reviving the spirit of a human", says the talented musician. His music is influenced by the country, jazz, ballad, western/Indian classical, and flamenco genres. His journey is all about connection both within himself and through his music and we cannot wait to see the wonderful projects he has further lined up.

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