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Exploring the jungle that is your heart: Kay’s latest song ‘Majestic’

An artist who strongly believes that “Everything happens for a reason,” Kanishka Lohar, aka Kay, started her musical journey in 2021 with her first single, ‘With You.’ Born and raised in Mumbai, the 25-year-old artist is currently based in New York. Just graduating from law school, Kay moved there to practise law.

She wrote poems from a very young age, so much so that it was synonymous with journaling for her. Kay's parents always had her singing songs and performing on stage since she was 5 years old. “So it only made sense to continue doing that as I aged, with my voice delivering my stories,” the artist added. Heavily influenced by the y2k pop era, her musical being largely gravitates towards the same. Kay draws inspiration from life events and feelings surrounding her relationships. So music is a very internal and intimate vibration that strums when it feels right for her.

‘Majestic,’ her recent single was released on the 19th of August. It is a song that is an exploration of the jungle that is your heart. Awoken from slumber to find yourself to be someone else, a beast that wants to sever all ties and break free. It’s an amalgamation of electronic dance with music with soulful sounds of the forest, with vocals from Kay who immerses herself in this hidden treasure. With Jacqvils as the producer, the song was born from a place of experiencing freedom and being strong enough to change the course of your life, but in style nonetheless.

While the artist generally dabbles with R&B, soul and melancholic pop, ‘Majestic’ is essentially within the deep house/EDM realm. It took a day for Kay to record the vocals but post-production went on for 9 months. She met the producer, Jacqvils through Instagram. Both of them were featured in Rolling Stone India and when she checked out his music, she instantly wanted to work with him. The song was recorded at Spacecat studios in Andheri and Jones worked on the production and post-production at Hilltop studios in Mumbai.

Kay thus strived towards embracing her audience in a majestic world and has, needless to say, done a phenomenal job in doing so.

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