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Facing the heart’s desire: Rudra’s latest EP ‘Keh De’

“Duality creates vulnerability” is this artist’s favorite quote. Born and based in Agartala, Tripura, Rudra Sarkar has been associated with music for 8 years now. This 23-year-old artist had been in various bands as a guitarist and a vocalist but it always left him feeling as though he was not able to express his ideas through the music he was pursuing. However, when his childhood friend Shimul Debbarma came to his city during the pandemic in 2020, everything changed for Rudra. The two artists got together and covered songs and tried some of their renditions as well until they decided to write their own songs. Since then, they have released four songs and an EP together.

Some of the artist’s influences include John Mayer, Script, Coldplay, AlterBridge, and Lucky Ali. The artist has been featured in playlists like Radar India and Indie Tunes. He has also been featured in other music magazines like Rolling Stone and the Indian Music Diaries. His works are mostly along the lines of Indie Pop, Experimental, and Post Rock.

‘Keh De,’ their latest and only EP, was released on the 22nd of July. It consists of four songs with the themes of introspection and hopeless romantics. Throughout the EP, they have tried to tell their listeners not to suppress the questions of the heart but to have courage and face them. The EP is a mix of Alternative, Experimental, and Indie Pop. It took two weeks for the artists to finish the EP. While the tracking was done in their Home Studio Setup, the vocals and percussions were recorded in the Hillfolk Studio in Agartala. Adding on, the artwork of the EP was done by Rudra himself.

“Maybe sometimes the heart acts like a child, maybe sometimes it’s the bridge between the self and the divine but in spite of all the extremities, there is a beauty to this wonderful mess and each of its stories,” says Rudra. This is exactly what he and Debbarma are trying to convey in their album, and we wish them the best of luck.

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