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Find all of your 'Mising Colors' as you dive into Deepblue Seas

Back in 2014, Suvankar Mishra was a big fan of Linkin Park and the instant connection with alternative rock and heavy metal inspired him to take up music full time. He now goes by the name 'Deepblue Sea'. Just like the sea is vast and deep, yet calm and enchanting, he wants his music to help people relax and let go of their pain and problems through both his lyrics and music. He also took inspiration from Steven Wilson and Chris Cornell.

His latest track, 'Missing Colors' was released on January 26, 2021 and talks about how when we're kids, we all want to grow up in such a hurry. Yet, no one tells us how stressful life can truly be once you're an adult and how many times making decisions isn't just scary but also unimaginably stressful in the verse - "Am I stuck between the devil and the Blue, unable to choose my destiny". A lot of times, we all want to get our Missing Colors back, which basically means our youthful, childish side which was care-free and happy-go-lucky no matter what the situation is.

'Missing Colors' is one of the singles from the 13-track album 'Come To Light' by Deepblue Seas. He tells us that since August, a lot has changed in his life and that the album is a culmination of all his thoughts coming together, which has penned down over the course of these 7-8 months. Songwriting was a therapeutic tool for him that helped him express what he was feeling and share it with all of us. 23-year old Suvankar records and produces songs at his home studio in Mumbai. He asks you to "let the music flow through your veins."

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