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Find the 'One for you' while you listen to Ricky Franklin latest album 'Ardent'

From a little boy who heard the piano at the age 8 to the one making his own music

18-year-old Ricky franklin, born in Andhra Pradesh and currently based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu was first introduced to music when he heard the Piano at the age of 8 while he was in Eritrea, a port city with colorful history in East Africa. His passion for music grew from there and few years down the line he looked up how songs were made and got introduced to a Digital Audio Workstation. Which lead him to help many artists with production, from all he had learnt at the age of 15 he started putting all his knowledge and experience into composing his originals.

Ricky's new album 'Ardent' was released in December 2020 and took him 6 months to record the Electropop, which he did in his bedroom studio. Ricky claimed that the album has little to no resemblance to the initial idea that it was started with, everything right from the genre to the cover art were totally different at the starting of the project. Being his debut, “Ardent” portrays the feelings that one goes through when their significant other is separated by distance.

He also stated to have been a Billie Eilish follower and has recreated her sneaky vocals in the third track of his EP album. Some more artists he is fond of are Clinton Kane, Dean Lewis and Troye Sivan. The teen is still in awe of the grand piano and cannot do without his close friends, computer, traveling and most of all music.

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