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Firaaq’s latest song ‘Gavisti’ on the endless war between mankind and nature

An artist who defines his story as one that’s ‘evolving,’ Shivam Choraria aka Firaaq, likes to start his day with an iced americano and sit in front of his DAW. Based in Kolkata, the 19-year-old artist has been producing music since he was in his 9th grade. Argy, Space Motion and KSHMR include some of his influences as an artist. He tells us “It was only until I witnessed a KSHMR concert that I discovered electronic music and how it translates into energy that brings people together!”

Choraria has a musical project of his own called ‘Firaaq’ which has found tremendous success. When asked to talk about it, he said “FIRAAQ as a project came to life earlier than last year when he first got introduced to the underground scene which started booming especially post lockdown.” He likes to treat such artist projects as bootstrap business projects where there is a constant effort put towards growth, engagement and conversations. “Putting that extra effort in I believe makes all the difference,” he mentioned.

‘Gavisti,’ his latest song was released on the 9th of September. ‘Gavisti’ in Sanskrit means the “arrival of war.” The song has tribal war chants and heavy drums in the arrangement which adds to the vibe, and also contributed to Choraria deciding to name the song ‘Gavisti.’ It represents the never-ending war between humans and nature while shedding light on how neither parties benefit from it.

It is his second independent release after clocking 10k streams and 2.5k YouTube views on his first one ‘Aayati.’ The techno/underground song took about two hours for the artist to record. The brilliant artwork’s credits go to Chef Glitch. ‘Gavisti’ was recorded in the artist’s bedroom.

We hope for many more such successes in Choraria's life.

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