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FLiPKiCK | Artist Spotlight

Yug Samyak aka FLiPKiCK is a 21-year old multi-genre EDM producer from Nagpur, India. He began his journey into music production at the age of 16, inspired by artists like Hardwell, KSHMR, Avicii and Don Diablo. He says that he's a night-owl, but on days he wakes up early, he works on ideas and melodies that pop up into his head. When he's away from his room, he usually records tunes on his phone and tries to recreate it on FL Studio later.

His latest track - For My Own - is Yug's second collaboration with his childhood friend, Splinter Cub, and vocalist Elation, released on November 13, 2020. The future bass track has an uplifting vibe and uses plucks and strings from instruments like kalimba, cello and violin. The drop as well, uses a variety of synths and bass in distinctive future bass style. The music is reminiscent of melodic dub artists like Illenium and the Chainsmokers. The song was made in a bedroom studio, using very basic equipment, over a duration of 40-50 hours. It has been featured on Spotify's editorial playlist 'EDM in India', which has helped the FLiPKiCK reach 60,000 streams on the track.

The music video is a amalgamation of outer space visuals, paired with flashing neon colors. The album art has been made by Shashank Kapse and features a guy in a spacesuit walking around in field with pink clouds. FLiPKiCK says that he's still learning new things about music everyday as he experiments. He loves collaborating with new artists on a regular basis.

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