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From Healing Hearts to Rocking Rhymes: Meet MGeneric, the Multi-Talented Artist

In the vibrant realm of music, there are some stories that are as unique and captivating as the melodies themselves. One such extraordinary tale belongs to MGeneric, the Indian Rapper, Lyricist, and Poet, whose journey from doctor to rapper is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Before we delve into the beats and rhymes, let's take a glimpse into MGeneric's academic prowess. Armed with qualifications like BHMS, MBA in Healthcare, PMP, Licentiate in III, and numerous certifications in the healthcare field, he began his medical practice in Mumbai in 2002. Little did the world know that a lyrical genius was waiting to be unveiled.

During his school and college days, MGeneric had already discovered his passion for writing. He would pen humorous parodies that would leave his peers in stitches. But it wasn't until a chance encounter at CST platform in Mumbai that he wrote his first song, setting the stage for his poetic odyssey.

With determination and persistence, he delved deeper into the world of poetry, drawing inspiration from the verses of great poets. Undeterred by initial setbacks, he set out to conquer the music industry, seeking out film directors and writing jingles for Radio City, Mumbai. Each failure was a stepping stone, and every lesson learned fueled his desire to create soul-stirring music.

Versatility is the essence of MGeneric's artistry. From Urdu gazals to religious kalma, from heart-wrenching poems to thought-provoking nazms, he can traverse effortlessly through various genres. His religious kalaam found a prestigious place in the magazine Badre Muneer, while his poems garnered admiration in online publications like Mumbai Local.

MGeneric's artistic exploration didn't stop at poetry and lyrics. He ventured into the world of acting, gracing live shows in Mumbai and Pune with the Universal Theatre. His passion for poetry found kinship in the stand-up poetry groups at Blue Frog Lowe Parel, where his words resonated with the audience.

The sands of time eventually carried him to Dubai, Kuwait, and finally, Qatar, where he continued to nurture his artistic flair. Collaborating with artists from India, his debut song as a lyricist with ZEE Music Company, "Mezbaan Zindagi," marked a new milestone in his career. And he didn't stop there; T-Series recognized his talent, and his work with them, "Ya Ali," further solidified his place in the music industry.

Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, MGeneric found solace in his YouTube poetry channel, showcasing his profound verses to the world. But it was his foray into the world of rap that truly set his creative spirit free. With a YouTube channel that garnered praise and positive feedback, his lyrical wizardry captivated a broader audience.

In a moment that truly defined his rising stardom, MGeneric's collaboration with singer and music director AB Madhav was handpicked by eminent Bollywood personalities, including Mohit Suri and Luv Ranjan, for an ALL-India Music platform. The song later became a slogan for the Teachmint application, elevating MGeneric's artistic genius to new heights.

So, if you're craving music that transcends boundaries, poetry that touches your soul, and rhymes that ignite your spirit, MGeneric is the name to remember. Follow his musical journey and immerse yourself in a world where the healing power of words meets the magic of melodies.

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