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G S Prasanth Kumar sings about dating app relationships in Kadhal Seyaliyil

Chennai-born G S Prashanth Kumar is currently studying for his post-graduate in English Literature at Pachaiyappa's College. He is also part of a musical community called On The Streets Of Chennai, where members of the community perform music on the streets to spread happiness to pedestrians. Over the course of time, he's gotten close to the community and they compliment each other's music styles.

He released his latest single called Kadhal Seyaliyil on the 14th of February, 2022, and the track describes the new age form of love that involves meeting people via the internet or over dating sites. He made this song rather quickly. It took him half a day to finish writing the lyrics for the track and the song was recorded in approximately one hour.

"The funny thing is I imaginatively drew a girl inside my mind who somewhat looks like some film celebrities like Rashmika or Kashmira who can do this role if there's any possibility of doing a music video" said the 21-year old artist about his plans for the music video of the track.

He had some help from his friend Marcus with the artist's work and rhythms for the track. The initial programming of the song was done at MJ studios and the vocals tracking was done using his condenser mic at home. The final mixdown of the track was done by himself on his laptop using FL studio.

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