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Genreless styles of "MandyCan" marks the Debut release of his single "You Go First"

Soyam Dean known better as his moniker MandyCan was born in Hubli and raised in Bengaluru. He spent some of his preschool years in New Zealand and went back to New Zealand in 2017 to pursue my further studies in music. He currently based in Wellington until he can fly back to India due to Covid.

Not wasting any time in Wellington, Soyam constantly produces music. Picking a guitar at 12 and producing at 16, he devoted himself as to music at 19 when he started putting his music out on soundcloud. His musical journey started when his mom got him a Toy electric guitar, and while he wanted a real guitar, he used the guitar to play chromatic notes from A onwards. He started to make a transition to his dad's old acoustic guitar that had been collecting dust. He became a self taught guitarist and at the age of 12 he told his parents he wanted to be a musician. After a little convincing they agreed on the condition that Soyam educates himself and graduates with a degree in it. Keeping his end of the deal, he completed his Master's in Music and believes that there is still a long way to go.

Fullfiling his dream from when he was 12 years old, he released his first track "You Go First" which is an amalgamation of the 80's synth-driven nostalgia wave, along with the nuances of neo-futuristic electronic music. The song itself came out of a loop that Soyam came up with while jamming with two of his friends on his drum machine. The song itself sits within the spectrum that most modern music is on today; between the reminiscent sound of the past and the progressive aesthetic of the future. He hit a roadblock when he first came up with it and listened to it after the aforementioned jam session, but once he decided to pull that session back up it took him all of two days to get everything where it needed to be. This track was actually part of a submission for one of his courses so his process was definitely rushed but in doing so but we all can agree that it turned out to be quite a track.

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