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Get lost in a festival state of mind with Abhishek Hazarika's "Adventures in a Music Festival"

Abhishek Hazarika was born in New Delhi and currently residing in Noida. He is a singer as well as a guitarist who loves to play different genres of Rock music. His story began in 1996 at the age of 8 when he started to learn Hindustani Classical Music. By 2005, he had completed his Sangeet Visharad, attaining a BA in Hindustani Classical Music in Vocals. It was then in 2008 that he started performing at college competitions and local gigs. His next pursuit of music was to learn the guitar, which he picked up at the Noida School of Rock from 2006 to 2012, where he learned to play the acoustic and electric guitar. He also learned guitar music theory which helped him experiment and dive deeper into Rock music.

On July 2nd, 2022 he released his track "Adventures in a Music Festival" from his debut album BRIGHTENDASH. The song tells the tale of two young men who stumble upon a music festival and captures the experience of their transition from only listening to Bollywood to learning about the Indie Music Scene in India. Abhishek tells us "This song gives the flavor of a 5-hour music festival in 4 minutes with a listening experience spanning Punk, Metal, Post Rock, Blues, Indian Classical & Electro Rock." This track gives the listener a feel of what it would be like to attend a festival such as the Bacardi NH7 Weekender and the euphoria such events create in the air.

The track took 10 days total of which 5 hours were spent in recording the vocals & guitars, while the rest of the 9 days were spent mixing and mastering the track through 6 different iterations. The fun thing about this song is that if you listen carefully, the track has a snippet of 6 mini songs playing in one. The track was recorded at Hourglass Studios, Noida. While the vocals and guitars were recorded by Abhishek, the drums and bass guitar parts were produced by Paras Khanna, who also did the mix and master for the track. We loved Adventures in a Music Festival and cannot wait to hear the rest of the tracks from the album while wishing Abhishek the best.

You can check out other tracks from his album on the link below:

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