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"Rock and Roll Maniac" by The Noisegate Project

Go back to the 80's with "Rock and Roll Maniac" by The Noisegate Project. A perfect Throwback to the Rock and Roll Ages.

Rahul Mishra from Noisegate studios has always been a lover for experimental music, and at his studio he loves meeting all non-stereo typical musicians who are open to experimentation. Over the years of his being in the scene as a musician and studio engineer, he came across the rest of the members of the band at his studio while they came in for their other projects. The members were originally working on a single song together, however they all got stuck in the studio due to lockdown and ended up making the EP.

The band with Rahul Anand as the Guitarist, Aviroop Basu as a Vocalist and songwriter. Bijoy Pallissery on the Bass and Guitars, Rahul Mishra as the Drummer, Composer, Music Producer, Sound Engineer and Video Production and Debashree Mishra as their Band Manager, Singer and Writer have been playing together for a year and have released their first EP named "Deja Vu". All the band members have been influenced from various cultures, right from Indian classical to ACDC, and they influence each other now and create music that cannot be classified by genres. While the entire world started focusing mostly on a singular genre of music, the Noisegate project was created to remind the world of the different flavors and keep the good old alive

Their new track is about a true Rock and Roll maniac who live their life exactly the way it was back in the 70's and 80's. The period when rock and roll was in its peak. This song is about keeping rock and roll alive. The song has everything to fit the definition of RocknRoll with the 80s inspired high energy and high pitched vocals, a groovy bassline, explosive drums and guitar portions with beautiful rhythms and arranged with a badass solo. They capture the essence of the classic/glam rock ages and stand as a supporting statement to the famously quoted "RocknRoll with never Die". by Neil Young.

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